Import and Sales for EMC Testing Instruments

Many EMC testing technologies are started from the US and the European countries. As for the testing equipments becoming the standard, the products of the US and the European manufacturers are chosen by all means. We have been paying our attentions to these realities from the first since tsj was established. And we assume that we have been positioning as the leading supplier of instruments for EMC testing an immovable in building connections with the US and the European influential testing equipment manufactures on our own accords. In late years, we concluded an agency contract with a power amplifier manufacturer; PRANA in France, and we could get possible to offer the broadband / high output amplifiers which unprecedented. We guarantee that we offer the world best testing equipments reasonably with abundant intelligence and positive powers of observation that we cultivated by longtime experiences.

Development and Sale of Original Products


As a result of having pursued offering the best products with reasonable prices, we supply the accessories which are company development products for some EMC testing such as preamplifiers, switchers, comb generators and so forth. Our engineers who never compromise have examined each component closely, and all products have been improved repeatedly. Furthermore, we cut costs of components and products, all customers who purchased our products are completely satisfied with.


TEPTO series; software for EMC automatic testing which the core of our development products have been evolved for fifteen years and we have had the most important theme, “Easy to Use, Easy to Understand” consistently. We are coping with emission measurements / immunity testing of various products categories so far such as general electronics, in-vehicle electronics, radio equipments and so on. And not only the above, but we develop software for facilities’ evaluations represented by NSA and SVSWR. Moreover, we enlarge the fields of visions in the needs of universities and research organizations.

Constructions and Sales of EMC Testing Systems

Currently, coverage of EMC regulations spreads and absolute numbers of testing amounts increase. As a result of the above, labor savings and speed ups by constructions of EMC automatic testing systems become necessary conditions on introducing testing facilities.
Our EMC testing systems are developed originally as the core of high testing technology skills and software which we completely developed them in own.  We have been offered EMC automatic testing systems more than 400 so far with those versatilities and superb points of their conveniences.
Furthermore, not only the new deliveries but we have gotten favorable reputations for technical supports quickly and precisely after the deliveries.  Therefore, we are proud of high repeat percentages of those.

Overseas Development

The customers of tsj are not limited in Japan. In late years, the demands for EMC testing equipments / systems spread rapidly in South Korea, China and Southeast Asian countries. tsj has established a position as the solution provider in order to meet those needs. About the system sales in foreign countries, we are very proud that the after-sales services after the hardware / software deliveries take the perfect systems in making joints with local influential distributors.