Coping with "EMC issue" which become complicated

The electronics using electric waves such as cell-phones, IT machineries, life household appliances, motor parts are indispensable to our daily life in modern ages. On the other hand, the serious problems which "Unnecessary Electromagnetic Wave Noise" causes the malfunction and performance deterioration of the peripheral devices have been increasing.
"EMC" is the concept that can live together without malfunctioning and interfering. Including EU, North America and the Asian countries make conformity to "EMC Standard" compulsion on the import of electronics.
The main products of TSJ are examination systems and measurement machineries to evaluate adaptability. TSJ performs import sale of "Electromagnetic Wave Noise Measurement Machineries" and the development and sales of "EMC Measurements / Examination Systems" for inside and outside the country. In addition, TSJ develops the automatic measurement control software that is "TEPTO Series EMC Measurement Software" main, and suggests the measuring system corresponding to customer's needs.?


  • Software TEPTO-DV R/C is upgradable
    We are able to upgrade the software to fit for new EMI test receiver like ESR(R&S). Please feel free to contact us.